Friday, April 03, 2009

Yep, that's about right...

My blog-friend TOTWTYTR, on the whole U.S.-guns-fueling-Mexican-drug-violence meme:

The narrative from the politicians and the Lame Stream Media is consistent and consistently dishonest. The goal is NOT to stem the flow of guns into Mexico. The goal is NOT to stop the violence in Mexico, about which none of them give a shit. The goal is NOT to stop the flow of drugs into America. The goal IS to pass more restrictive gun control laws in the US that will only effect law abiding citizens. Make no mistake about this, the left hated the Heller decision and is going to to everything possible to gut it. Just as they are lying to us about the economic crisis and what is necessary to "fix" it, this is a cynical ploy to extend even more government intrusion into our lives and curtail our liberty.

A-yep, that's pretty much the long-n-short of it. And there's nothing wrong with link-whoring. I do it often. ;-)