Friday, April 24, 2009

Chalk one more thing up...

...on the list of things that Leonard Pitts doesn't understand:

Country, after all, is supposed to be that which pulls us back together after everything else -- politics, race, religion -- has conspired to pull us apart.

Yeah, but what do you do when you have few if any shared core values? What do you do when at least 53 percent of American voters seem to think more and bigger government is the solution to what ails you and have no problem with imposing their values on you -- with your money, natch -- and by force of arms if necessary? What does it say that secession enters the discussion? Seems to me, that to Leonard Pitts it says everything but that Obama and his minions are going too far. And I still don't understand why anyone's calling Perry a traitor here. It isn't as if Perry's talking about launching unprovoked offensives across the borders with the Texas National Guard in an attempt to take over bordering states. I would ask what does it say about Leonard Pitts and his ilk that they would have us go along -- once again, by force of arms if necessary -- with the overreaching federal government that exists now and that our elected officials are well on their way to enlarging even more. One could be forgiven for thinking this is what they want to prevent: that those in the post-secession United States would cast envious eyes at Texas, thinking that whole smaller-government thing was really the way to go after all, and get their own ideas about secession. But that's just my two cents on that.
UPDATE: Well, there was this comment at Vanderboegh's place:
"...saying Texas doesn't like the way things are going in this country and suggesting that if we don't get our act together, his state might take its mountains and rivers and go home."

Not just the mountains and rivers, bub. All of our oil, our fertile agricultural land and cattle, our 50 million guns, all of our veterans, all of our gunsmiths and firearms-related manufacturing facilities, Dell Computer, Texas Instruments, and other high-tech companies, our share of the armor and aircraft the Feds have here, the Pantex nuclear weapons assembly facility, etc., etc. We can feed and fuel ourselves, and with the money we make from selling oil to the half-frozen people in the Northeast, Detroit and Chicago, we can outfit whatever kind of armed forces we need to defend ourselves - better than we can already, that is.
Oh, and I suspect that oil-rich Oklahoma and a couple of other nearby states will come along for the ride.
Such are the thoughts that come to the fore when distant politicians cease to represent us, and begin to represent alien concepts and the interests of their own pockets.