Thursday, April 23, 2009

And it continues unabated...

...the Great Obama Gun & Ammunition Rush, that is, even in the largest city in my beloved Texas...

...Gun stores nationwide and in Houston are reporting a high demand for guns and ammunition amid rising fears of restrictive gun controls and crime related to the economic downturn.
In Texas, the number of applications for concealed handguns swelled to 12,587 in February, up from 7,626 in the same month last year, according to the state’s Department of Public Safety.
Nationally, the number of FBI background checks, which are required whenever someone buys a firearm from a federally licensed retailer, jumped 29.2 percent in March 2009, compared to the same month last year.
Traffic at the center’s classes is up four times compared to last year, said Rob Corson, managing partner at Memorial Shooting Center.
“They’re worried about their security,” Corson said. “The day after the election, gun sales exploded. We ran out of everything.”
The store sells 30,000 to 40,000 of the 9mm rounds per month, and about 15,000 .45-caliber rounds.
Ammo sales alone are more than double what they were last year, Corson said, adding that some manufacturers have told him it would be months before new orders could be filled.
Rob Friedberg, a collector who has bought about 10 guns in the past year, said he couldn’t find any 9mm, .223-caliber or .40-caliber Smith & Wesson ammunition last week.
I must say, I think that's pretty amazing, especially considering the state of the economy now. I never would have thought of this industry as recession-proof, but it's pretty evident that folks learned from the last Democrat president in office. I do wonder how many of the people buying guns now voted for Obama, though.
Of course, as we all know, they have to get something from both sides, and indeed they did...
Some gun control advocates think the run-up is due to unwarranted fears created by gun enthusiasts.
“The NRA has been trying to push this fear that Obama is going to start small and take away people’s gun rights, which we all know is not going to happen,” said Marsha McCartney, a volunteer with the North Texas Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence.
Ahem. No, what we all know is that Marsha McCartney is blowing smoke. The fact is, if Obama wasn't going to at least try to strip Americans of their right to at least certain arms, the Bradys wouldn't have endorsed him, let alone have crowed so loudly after the election that they "won" and that the NRA "lost." Of course, when Marsha McCartney says "gun rights," she probably means "nothing bigger than a single-shot .22 pistol."