Friday, April 24, 2009

Just some random Friday short takes

Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime is an awesome cd and I look forward to checking out more of their material from before they went the more commercial route, but "Jet City Woman" is still a great song.
Listening to the Jimmy Wayne hit "Do You Believe Me Now," I can hear answer of the woman he's addressing. "Yeah, I believe you. Question is did you really believe yourself? If you did you wouldn't-a left the door open for him to make a move, you schmuck." God forbid I ever do that.
Regarding the ABC anti-gun hit piece from a few weeks back...I honestly wonder how many non-gunnies watched it while keeping in mind the previous attempts of the media to rig the game over the years, such as the Dateline: NBC-General Motors fiasco, CBS and Dan Rather's pushing the fake memos before the '04 election, AP reporter Rose French's hatchet job on the .50-caliber rifle, and CNN's Eason Jordan accusing American soldiers of targeting journalists -- with no proof whatsoever to back up said accusations. I know that corrections were issued and those responsible were punished, but it's worth asking why such dishonest hackery is continually put forth as truth. One would get the idea the media are relying on Americans' short memories...