Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yeah, I do care...

In reply to this post:

If you don't care that these "extremist" groups are out there hating and perhaps hunting blacks and gays and illegal immigrants and Muslims then who will care about you when they come for you?

I do care. I care that the administration wants to make these blacks and gays and immigrants and Muslims more dependent on the government to protect them by tightening the restrictions on guns and ammunition. And I don't appreciate being lumped in with, say, the malcontents at Stormfront just because I think the federal government's getting too big and too powerful. How about those groups dedicated to a single issue? Can you say National Rifle Association? They quoted Martin Niemoller. So when they come for the peaceaable gun owners like me with the handguns and semiautomatic rifles who aren't hurting anyone and just want to be left alone, I take it we can trust those who share the above sentiments to speak up for us and those like us? We may not be looking at another Third Reich, but just the same I find the direction this country's going in to be quite troublesome.