Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This guy speaks for many, I'm sure...

From the letters to the editor in today's Houston additional commentary needed, because this pretty much speaks for itself:

Thanks, moderates

I want to thank all the moderates out there for creating the change in our government. Little did you know that when you were swept away by the media love fest for our new president that many things come with that package. Though Obama has been in charge for only three months, he has been a busy bee. His liberal buddies are spending like drunken sailors. The government is now controlling several businesses and banking institutions, firing private sector executives and passing out bailouts left and right. Is this what you voted for? Or did you vote for our president to close down the prison that holds terrorists? Maybe moderates enjoy Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveling to Mexico and blaming her own country for the drug wars and immigration problems. This was only topped by the president himself apologizing to the Arab world in general for our actions. I hope this group of voters in the middle will be a little more considerate of the power they hold over the everyday lives of Americans and are not taken in again in the next election cycle.
Bill Bailey, Houston