Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why do I get that idea?

The idea, that is, that "immigration reform" is synonymous with "amnesty," "decreasing border security," and "not deporting more illegals back to Mexico"...

NEWARK, N.J. — A nationwide group of Latino ministers has a message for illegal immigrants: Stand up, but refuse to be counted in the 2010 U.S. census.
The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders is urging undocumented immigrants to boycott the census — which is used to calculate everything from federal funding to congressional representation — unless Congress first passes immigration reform.
I remember Houston deejay John Walton, of the Walton and Johnson show (currently on 93.7 the Arrow now, if I remember correctly), had a pretty good way of putting it: "If you don't have borders and a common language, you don't have a country." We know the Hispanic activists are working on weakening the first, and with their whines on "English-only" laws they're also working on that second thing too. I wonder what they'd do if we reformed our laws to make them more like the ones discussed here...
Now, none of this is to denigrate Hispanics' work ethic or anything like that. I've seen these folks work, and how representative they are of the Hispanic population I don't know, but the guys who moved me into my current residence? They. Busted. Their. Asses. With nary a complaint I heard, even as they moved my gun safe. I sing their praises to everybody I know, as I tell 'em that I don't know where the stereotype of the lazy Mexican comes from, 'cause like I said, those guys busted their tails and got the job done faster than I ever would have thought they could, and that thought wasn't because of their race -- it was because I had so much stuff.
But with no common language, no common culture, and what would seem to be fewer common values as evidenced by the corruption endemic to the Mexican government and tolerated by the Mexican exactly do you think this is going to go?
You may ask anyone familiar with Mexican history since 1912 what the rule of law means south of the border. Or, for a modern example closer to home, take a look at some of the seamier La Raza-dominated suburbs of LA. These millions of newly minted citizens will toil upon the Democrat latifundistas' political plantations as indentured servants for the next fifty years and gradually, in the end, the American Republic will be as dead as its Greek and Roman predecessors. If, that is, it doesn't catastrophically collapse in the next decade or so in a welter of racial warfare and Balkan "ethnic cleansing" that will make the former Yugoslavia look like a kindergarten at play. The devil will walk abroad in the land and our children's children's children will curse our folly.

Call Vanderboegh a crank if you want, but I for one wouldn't dismiss his musings that easily here, especially considering the Hispanics have their own grievance-mongering race-baiters that make the NAACP and even the Black Panthers look like total pikers. "Ethnic cleansing can't happen here"? I wouldn't be so sure. It ain't like it hasn't been tried here before. (Ku Klux Klan, anyone?)