Friday, April 30, 2010

Speaking of throwing people off the bus...

David Codrea links to someone who does just that. He has quite the visceral reaction to it too, which I share, but still I thought I'd elaborate.

While it may be true that many blacks and Hispanics vote for politicians who don't support individual liberty, I still don't think it's smart to unilaterally dismiss those groups. It only serves the enemy to do that; it makes us look even more like the racist reactionaries we're so often unjustly painted as, and it results in fewer people on our side. I might have said it before, but finding a poor black man like Otis McDonald to be the face of gun rights advocates in Chicago was a stroke of genius because it showed that the cause was not just the domain of old white guys. And just how chickenshit is it to say that enlisting minorities is only going to lead to the end of gun rights? I'm guessing that dipshit cop's not willing to use that fourth box, indeed, that he'd probably be one of the people going door-to-door rounding up the guns. And it strikes me that he'd probably even relish taking them from people like Otis McDonald. So who's really the sellout here?