Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She sees what I don't...

My wife, that is.

I was at work earlier tackling a particularly painful task, with the Sirius stream playing. Those of you who are my Facebook friends see that I like to post random lyrics to my favorite songs as they're playing, whether on Sirius or the iPod. Well, as I was working on the aforementioned task, this song was playing (Make with the clicky! You know you want to! Dave starts singing at about 2:26), and this lyric went up on Facebook:

For this, I was chosen because I fear nothing. With confidence I tread through the dead of the night."

Not two minutes later, comes this from Sabra:

"I love the quotes you choose when you're copy-editing."

It took me a minute to figure it out, but when I did, I laughed so hard I probably shook the walls. The lyric was strangely apropos. :-)

Oh, and Albatross, TBeck and any other old metalheads who read this: There are those who say this album (Engdame) is Megadeth's best since Rust in Peace. I can't say it's their best since then, as I haven't heard enough of the stuff between RIP and now to make a fair determination, but I can say it's still very good, right up there with the early stuff. RIP probably has less filler material, but Endgame is no slouch of an album, either. Chris Broderick, the current lead guitarist, really shines here. I would definitely recommend it.