Thursday, April 08, 2010

Has-been says what, again?

Oh man, this is some funny stuff right here:

When asked about the comparisons between his playing and that of METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett, Beach (ex-Winger/Whitesnake guitar player Reb Beach -- ed.) said, "I don't know the guy [Kirk], but I think he's one of the worst guitar players I've ever heard in my life....
 Wow, what to say to that? I hesitate to bring up how many albums Metallica has sold (compared to Winger and Whitesnake COMBINED) in the last 25 years because I don't necessarily think more units scanned means an artist is better or more talented. But on the whole I'd think the audience for heavy metal music is much more discriminating than the audience for, say, Today's Hot New Country. You take that into consideration and it does give the "more sales=more talent" equation a bit more credence. But even if you don't take that into consideration, which one of those bands recorded what many of the genre's fans consider to be the best heavy metal album ever made? And the album before that, and after it? Three heavy metal masterpieces in a row? Sorry, but I gotta go with this comment here:

"The man who played the harmony leads on 'Fade to Black', 'Creeping Death', 'One', 'Master of Puppets' 'To live is to die" and about 3 dozen other ESSENTIAL songs of the METAL genre versus some guy who was/is in WINGER!"

Yep. Sounds like sour grapes to me.