Tuesday, April 20, 2010

News flash: It's not their job.

I bet this guy thought he was being pretty clever:

It's much easier to criticize leaders than to lead. Let's see them do some of the work. Tea partiers, write a balanced budget.
but actually, that's a really ignorant thing to say. It's not the tea partiers' job to come up with a balanced budget. That's the job of our elected representatives in Washington. It's the entire point of why we have government. Dollars to doughnuts this writer has never read that document or he'd have never said that. Would that we lived in a better world. Thomas Lee could campaign for higher taxes on a platform of "making the tough choices that have to be made for South Texas and the country" and the media could sit down and thoroughly investigate all the money the aforementioned elected representatives throw away (and that Thomas Lee doesn't think should be cut) on things not explicitly authorized by the Constitution. (Yeah, dream world, I know.) But no. These people won't run for office and they won't get off their asses into the streets and protest for what they believe in. They'll just sit at the house and write poorly-thought-out letters to the editor wagging their fingers at those who actually do those things. I guess it's naive of me to actually expect any better than that, but I still think real Americans should be more intelligent and motivated than that.