Friday, April 09, 2010

Is this guy serious?!

I am guessing he is...

I believe that the tea party followers may actually be onto something fundamentally important, but they have yet to prove to me that they are actually concerned about their fellow human beings, outside of a purely political, and most often partisan, realm. Their vocal counterpresence at the Marine's funeral would have bolstered their stature in my heart and mind tremendously. But I am left with the slogan from a bygone era: “Where's the beef?”
Could anybody really be that clueless? Could any sentient being with even a solitary functioning brain cell ask this question? I guess so, so here's mine. Why would a group like the tea party have any presence at a military funeral other than solely to pay their respects as individuals? If they showed up and protested what they generally protest, they'd rightly be derided as attention-seekers just like the Westboro thugs are. And the last I heard, the tea partiers were anything but partisan, unless higher taxes and spending and bigger government were the province of one party over another.