Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something's missing here.

If this is true:

I see (illegal immigrants) as human beings, and I respect the fact that they want liberty. So as a Republican, I look at the Democratic Party that plays them (illegal immigrants -- ed.) like pawns on a chessboard for collectivism. And I see them as individuals who are conservative to the core and they want to be treated as individuals — and we're the only party that can offer that to them.
...that is, if illegals are this huge potential constituency for Republicans because they're liberty-loving individuals, then why is it that the Democrats are in such a rush to grant them legal status? IS there a "silent majority" of Hispanics, both legal and illegal, who want to be free and treated as individuals instead of members of a collective who are expected to surrender their freedoms and fruits of their labors to the good of the collective? If there is, then the members of said majority need to speak up and tell La Raza, LULAC, etc. that those organizations don't speak for them.

Also, I recall some folks raising hell here and there about people coming to Texas, Georgia, Florida, etc. from places like New York and California and those expats bitching and wanting to make those states more like the states they left; it got to the point in Texas, apparently, that Texas singer-songwriter Brian Burns wrote a song about it. Why should we believe the influx from Mexico will be any different? Was Mike Vanderboegh really that far off when he said this?
These folks, God bless 'em, are used to nationalized industries, gun control, soldiers walking the streets dispensing their own rough "justice" with machineguns, identity-grievance politics and, above all, the undefeatable evil synergy of crooked politicians and drug lords controlling events. They are used to being ruled by a godless oligarchy of the privileged rich who know what's "best" for them. You know, they're Democrats.
I suppose those who go through the proper channels would be more amenable to the American way of life as the Founders intended it to be, as they demonstrate at least some respect for the rule of law; but that's a moot issue, considering the fact that we're talking about the people who don't go through the proper channels and basically giving them a pass on their flouting our rules. We haven't yet even addressed the phenomenon that Sabra pointed out to me in conversation of legal AND illegal immigrants being encouraged to adhere to their native cultures rather than assimilating into American culture. We've already seen some of the values of said native cultures adhered to that conflict with our own a few times, with immigrants from Iraq and Liberia; what makes us think that the case with Mexican immigrants is going to be any different? It may not be as extreme, but it's still something that needs to be confronted, lest we find out firsthand what "balkanization" is really all about.