Thursday, April 15, 2010

I guess that's an Oregon lefty for you...

Seeing this story reminded me of this bit I ran up on yesterday, courtesy of The Liberty Sphere:

Many have asked about the news that there may be “infiltrators” at tea parties around the nation. A website Crash The Tea Party! was recently set up. The creator, though he tried to hide his identity, has been outed; his name is Jason Levin, and he’s a middle school teacher in Beaverton, Oregon.
And then there's this, courtesy of The Frugal Cafe Blog Zone:
It turns out our ever-lovin’ conservative cyber-shark Verum Serum uncovered a “Political Manifesto” which Jason Levin published online in which he rants in favor of legalized heroin, torture, marriage for “everyone” (and groups of everyone), universal health care, Christianity is a lie, and so on.
Jason Levin, the Portland man who caused a ruckus over his plans to “infiltrate” Tea Party protests in an aim to discredit them, teaches in a Beaverton middle school and now faces an investigation by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.
Wow. I thought liberals were smarter than that. At least I would have thought that if I'd believed a word that came out of their mouths vis-a-vis the Tea Party. I'd like to think he'd leave his virulent strain of politics out of the classroom, but if my kid had him as a teacher I'd be seriously tempted to pull him/er out, as a form of protest if nothing else. And then there's this, in which we find that when you take away the raving paranoia he seems to be a closet libertarian of sorts -- but I thought this quote was pretty funny:

"I hate to break it to you Jason, but if you think a government run health system is going to let you load up on weed and heroin to your heart’s content you are in for an unpleasant surprise."

Like I said, that's an Oregon lefty for you. And what does it say that people like this feel that they have to infiltrate these gatherings to make them look so bad? To hear the rabid lefties talk, the Tea Partiers almost to a person are closet racists, sexists, and/or 'phobes. Apparently they don't really believe that, or sites and movements like this would not exist because the lefties would not perceive a need for them. They must be REALLY scared.