Thursday, April 01, 2010

Don't know why I didn't think of this...

...but here it is:

Regarding “The first trickle” editorial, we can expect more advertisements like those by KDR Development in the District 11 Republican primary. But far from demonstrating any dangers of corporate speech during the political process, the District 11 race demonstrates a healthy political ecosystem at work.
KDR spent money on advertising in an effort to defeat Chuck Hopson. Voters rejected this message and voted for Hopson anyway. Corporate speech does not have some magical hold on voters. Indeed, as here, voters may actually take corporate speech less seriously because of the identity of the speaker.
The decision in the Citizens United case allowed all corporations — rather than just media corporations — to speak during the political process. The Hopson race demonstrates that there is nothing dangerous about this. In the end, voters will make up their own minds at the ballot box.
Indeed they will. Of course, the media's assumption that these newly authorized expenditures are going to be foolproof investments is the only leg they have to stand on here. Like TOTWTYTR said in comments here, the media are just pissed off that they don't have the monopoly in shaping opinions anymore. Of course, you could say that they still do, as no one says they HAVE to take the corporations' money and run their ads. Capitalism is a bitch, sure, but one with a hell of a sense of humor sometimes. ;-)