Thursday, April 08, 2010

Anti-gunners' hypocrisy and cowardice

Not that it was any big surprise that those who would deprive us of the Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental human right of the individual to keep and bear arms (thank you, Kurt Hofmann!) are hypocrites and cowards, but it is something to see when they demonstrate it so blatantly.

First up, Mr. Hofmann writes today about some addle-brained lefty with absolutely zero sense of irony:

But I've come to believe that being able to buy and own a gun should also involve passing a fairly difficult civics exam. Before someone goes out to buy a gun in defense of their country and their liberty, we should have some kind of metric to determine if that person actually knows anything about the country, and knows anything about the roots and truths of the liberty they claim to cherish.
Of course, you know this creature would be raising holy hell if anyone ever proposed such a test and the passing thereof to be a requirement to vote. Yet he has no problem whatsoever with the respect of a fundamental human right being conditional on such a test. Of course, all of this is coming from one who, as Hofmann points out, says the Tea Partiers should be ignored but takes nearly 2,000 words to say it. It must be damn nice to be so blissfully self-unaware.

And here, we have Abby Spangler and her gang of grass-eaters promoting a very aptly-named "lie-in." Where is this lie-in going to be held? Dallas, Memphis, Atlanta or some other pro-gun state's major metropolitan area? Why no, no it isn't. It's going to be held in Times Square in New York City, right where the whole Mayors Against Illegal Guns bullshit started. Way to go, you mooks, holding your protest in a locale in which the majority agrees with you. Really courageous thing you're doing there.