Saturday, May 01, 2010

What if it didn't run?

Houston mayor and Texas gubernatorial candidate Bill White:

"And I have always, on those coyotes, as soon as, as soon as they see me, and I am coming along, I've seen them on a bicycle, they run away," White said. "But you know, I don't know. Different folks.
"To me, I would not, I don't intend to be afraid of coyotes."
Yeah, well, what happens when you run up on one who doesn't run, Bill? You gonna kill it with your bare hands? And I'm sure Rick Perry isn't afraid of coyotes either, considering he can actually defend himself and whoever's with him against them. I'd love to see what all these people would've been saying had Perry let that coyote kill his little girl's dog. You and I both know they'd all have brought down the wrath of God on him.

"He hates dogs! Oh teh noooes! How could he let his little girl see something like that! Oh, what an evil, eeevil man!"