Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey, another elected official...

...with no sense of irony!

RICHMOND, Va. — Less than three months into office, Gov. Bob McDonnell was blindsided last week by questions his Confederate History Month decree evoked, and the national furor that ensued.
L. Douglas Wilder, a grandson of slaves whom Virginians made the nation's first elected black governor in 1989, accepted McDonnell's apology and dismissed the flap as "an honest mistake by an honorable man."
But Wilder said the abiding desire to celebrate the Old South with official declarations, most recently by Virginia and Georgia, is a worrisome sign that history's lessons have not been fully learned as angry voices again advocate states' rights and preach defiance to Washington.
One gets the idea that former Governor Wilder thinks "history's lessons" included "sit down, shut up and do what Master Government tells you to do." Which is ironic indeed, considering the fact that some 400,000 Americans of various ethnic origins died so he and his fellow blacks wouldn't suffer that fate at the hands of individual slaveowners. What the hell does L. Douglas Wilder think the Tenth Amendment was all about? One wonders what he would say to the polls Jonathan Gurwitz cited here:
...thanks to some recent polling, a less distorted image of the tea party movement is emerging. For starters, it's not inordinately composed of angry white men. A USA Today/Gallup poll found that 79 percent of tea party supporters are white — compared with 75 percent of the general population — and 45 percent are women.
Tea partiers aren't all GOP stooges either. The same poll also revealed that 49 percent of tea party supporters are Republican, 43 percent are independent and 8 percent are Democrat. In other words, a majority of tea party members aren't Republican.
To recap: They're not all angry white men, they're not all men PERIOD, and they sure as hell aren't all Republicans. Which makes L. Douglas Wilder look like just another race-baiting asshole. Sure was a nice try not to, though. But then some people aren't good at catching subtle hints, so I'm sure there are those who would peg it as nothing more than an honest disagreement.