Monday, July 20, 2009

One of the bright spots from mainstream '80s rock... Outlaw Country, Sirius Ch. 63: "Now every mornin' just before breakfast, I don't want no coffee or tea...just me and my good Buddy-Weiser, that's all I ever need, 'cause I drink alone..."
I suppose a lot of folks might be aghast at that song being played on a supposedly country channel, but I can sort of see why this song would be here -- it may be straight-up rock and roll, but it does have a heavy blues influence, and a pretty good country vibe to it. I could almost see one of the Texas-red dirt artists doing it. And it never was that far from blues to country to begin with. I got my fill of "Bad to the Bone" a long time ago, but I still love George Thorogood.