Thursday, July 23, 2009

Computer literacy has its advantages... shown here:

Q. My kid has MySpace IM that automatically pops up when the computer is starting up.Since she has done that, the computer is freezing up and is really really slow. How do I get rid of that altogether?
A:...It seems that the first thing that kids like to do when they get hold of our computers is to run out and install all of these little programs so they can chat and cavort with their friends, not realizing that they can sometimes cause an awful mess.

Yes indeed, but who leaves that door open in the first place? The first thing I'd be doing if I had kids and got a new computer would be to set them up with their own accounts -- ones that don't allow them to run out, download and install all that crap on them that slows them down. I wonder how many parents out there just get it out of the box, turn it on and leave it at that, letting the kids do to it what they will. More of them do that than not, no doubt about it. It'd be interesting to see the kids' reaction.
"But I wanna taaaaaallllk to my frieeeeends!"
"Well, ok. Here." *hands kid the phone*
Or, in the case of the friends living nearby, "Get on your bike and go see 'em."
"But that...I can't play on the computer that way!"
"And your point?"