Friday, July 10, 2009

Forgot to mention...

...this, from the 'Dog:

...The only two times that I've read Texas Monthly, I've been somewhat shocked by the sheer amount of left-wing bias it contained.
I don't know how one could call a magazine "Texas Monthly" when the only articles that I've ever read in "Texas Monthly" were embarrassed by Texas and Texans.

I haven't watched the video LawDog featured in that post, but his comments re: Texas Monthly were right on the money and have been at least ever since I ever saw the magazine some 20 years ago. I remember thinking, "Wow, for a magazine with such a name, it's certainly overstaffed with people with contempt for its namesake." A couple of the commenters described Texas Monthly as "reflect(ing) the left leaning liberals of Austin," "always apologizing for being in Texas," and "the organ of the pseudo-cosmopolitan smug Dallas scene." All of which described what I've seen in the publication to a tee. Don't know about the "Vanity Fair: the Texas Edition," though...for the simple reason that my fingertips have never flipped open the cover of that mag. It wouldn't surprise me, based on what I've heard about VF.