Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another band I've come to appreciate a LOT more in recent years...

...at Classic Rewind, Sirius Ch. 15: "I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives, nobody's putting up a fight...I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell...I'm gonna get ya, Satan get ya...Hells bells..."
I don't know why, but for a long time I wasn't really that big on AC/DC. As I started getting into that old rock more, the more I liked them. They may be an Australian band, but they know how to make good old American rock and roll, and "Hells Bells" has gotten to be one of my favorites. I like a lot of the songs that Bon Scott sang lead on, but my preference is the Brian Johnson era, of which "Hells Bells" was a part, of course. Sometimes that getting a new lead singer works, and sometimes it doesn't; in the case of AC/DC, it worked perfectly. They couldn't have picked anyone better to replace Bon Scott after his untimely death. From what I understand Scott had actually seen Johnson perform on stage before and thought he was really good, though I am not sure if that played a part. At any rate, of course, AC/DC saw its biggest success after Johnson came on board, with the first Johnson-era record -- 1980's Back in Black -- selling more than 22 million copies in the United States alone. That was another of those times where good music actually sold well instead of being just a critical favorite. ;-) It was (and is) an awesome record, too..."Hells Bells," "Back In Black," "Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution"...oh, hell yeah.

Ooooh, 7:25 am, at the Boneyard, Sirius Ch. 19: "inferno's coming, can we surviiiiive the blitzkrieg...."