Friday, May 28, 2010

Two kinds of opportunism. Which kind is worse?

So I saw this, at The 9513:

After a string of seven singles that failed to break the Top 10, Darryl Worley goes back to the well of “common sense” populism he’s best-known for.
Take that, and put it next to Chely Wright's coming out as a lesbian right about the time her new album comes out, and it poses an interesting question: Which kind of opportunism is more pathetic? Timing your coming out as a lesbian with the release of your new album after you haven't had a hit in almost ten years, or going back after a five-year dry spell to the crass political pandering that got you your last big hit? I would say the latter is worse, even if I might agree with the song's sentiments. I might have liked "Have You Forgotten" and "Keep The Change" more if they'd been done by bigger, more consistent stars than Darryl Worley, but as things are I think he's just trying to cash in on current events and that just REALLY rubs me the wrong way. I can't explain exactly why, but I just find Chely Wright's coming out at the same time as her new album to be not quite THAT grating. Thoughts, folks?