Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On the 'Latino giant'...

Froma Harrop actually makes sense here, too, believe it or not -- more so than the talk show host Ruben Navarrette spoke of here. The Democrats know that Latinos, just like blacks, are socially conservative but don't vote that way, and that's why they're in such a rush to legalize the illegal immigrants that are here now. I am not surprised that Lydia Camarillo would say the Republicans pushed Voter ID because of this, even if it's true, because a little Google-fu showed her to be just another Democrat party hack.

The fact is, though, that according to certain exit polls, Latinos voted Democrat in the last presidential election by a pretty big margin. Let's see Ruben Navarrette explain that one. For the record, I don't think it was because of the reasons Bill Richardson cited. I think it very well could have had more to do with this, which, interestingly enough, the Express-News cut out of the column before it went on mySA:

Latinos do want universal health coverage and pre-kindergarten classes for their children, she (Camarillo -- ed.) noted.
I don't know how opposing the first could have that much to do with opposing the second, because I'd think that a lot of more conservative voters don't think pre-kindergarten is another arguably unaffordable entitlement as universal healthcare is -- but that's ultimately an argument of degree, because what Camarillo was getting at was that Latinos are a more liberal voting bloc. To what extent that is we will see, but over the short term it doesn't look so good.