Sunday, May 09, 2010

You know what's just a really low thing to do?

Use your dead mother to make and score political points. I understand that Chris Bell's mother had a certain political philosophy, but it's just really low of him to even think he could claim to know what she would think of the tea party phenomenon or of the movement's supporters, considering the fact that she's been dead for more than a decade. And how convenient of him NOT to elaborate on just WHY his mother would think the tea partiers are part of the problem. I suppose all the talk about guns might have turned her off, which is all fine and good, really; but it was never about the guns in and of themselves, but the liberty inherent to the un-infringed right to own them. Somehow I get the feeling she might well have known that, if she was of the political stripe he claims she was. And I'm sure she probably wouldn't have gone for the liberals' implication that their Ivy League educations make them fit to lord over the rest of us and make us their guinea pigs for their socialist experiments. Good grief, and assholes like him accuse US of being the simplistic ones?