Friday, May 07, 2010

Yep, it's all those evil conservatives' fault...

...that "liberal" has gotten to be a dirty word.

It could NEVER be the policies of the modern American left that has gotten the word to hold such a negative connotation  -- among them bigger and more activist government, higher taxes to finance said government, less freedom, and less security.

It could NEVER be that liberalism as a political ideology has changed so much since the 1960s that someone like John F. Kennedy, the patron saint of the Democratic Party, would likely have been a Reagan Democrat in the '80s.

It could NEVER be the contempt that so many on the left hold for those of us in "flyover country," as evidenced by the "teabagger" slur so popular among leftists and Dear Leader's infamous remark about rural Pennsylvanians "get(ting) bitter (and) cling(ing) to guns or religion."

Newp, it's all those evil bastard conservatives' fault for pointing out the numerous flaws of policies championed by lefties.

Always someone's else's fault. Are you detecting a theme here?