Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hey, at least they didn't have guns, right?

I bet you know exactly where I am going with this...

A San Antonio man was convicted Friday of helping his younger brother abduct a woman who then was raped, burned and had her teeth pulled out during an hours-long torture session.
...but I'm still going to do it.

You know what Kirk Gaither is? Kirk Gaither is yet another creature that Paul Helmke, Abby Spangler, Josh Sugarmann, Michael Beard, Josh Horwitz, et al. seem to have no problem with walking the streets, free to predate at will as long as they allegedly can't get their hands on guns. Not only that, but they would have also left his victim with little more than her bare hands to defend herself from her attackers until someone else with a gun showed up to rectify the situation -- and this is assuming his victim ever would have been able to get ahold of this other person with a gun. Yet again, this is why I think every one of those people are evil to the core and deserve to be defeated by any means necessary.