Monday, May 31, 2010

Thomas Friedman sings the same old song...

...but I must say here, that he does so in a particularly appalling fashion. Call me crazy, but I really don't think we need any kid talk to know that we have an obligation to keep the environment in good shape for those who come after us. And I don't understand why Thomas Friedman advocates yet more taxes when the economy is still not in the best shape no matter who you talk to. Over the short term we need jobs and affordable modes of transportation to get to those jobs so we can make money to FEED those kids and keep a roof over their heads. And more taxes will make such that much more difficult to generate. It seems to me that Thomas Friedman wants to make such a task that much harder. If I wanted to channel the perverse logic of the left I'd ask at this point, WHY DO YOU HATE CHILDREN, THOMAS?

And why does he never look at this from the perspective of the oil companies? Does he not realize that they hate things like oil spills as much as, if not more than, everyone else does? Does he not realize that every drop of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico means a little less money in BP's coffers? Does he really believe they have so little of a vested interest in developing better sources of energy that they have to be forced to do so by way of what strikes me as punitive taxation? If he does, it obviously doesn't matter to him. I've said it before of other pundits, but I'll say it again here: For him to be so smart, Thomas Friedman sure is stupid.