Saturday, May 22, 2010

See Petey. See Petey Whine.

See Petey try to make some sort of point but FAIL:

With security concerns on the rise, metal detectors finally were installed and turned on at the Texas Capitol Friday. But citizens, lobbyists and other visitors can escape the lines — if they carry a concealed handgun.
Officials are creating one line for the masses, one line for lawmakers and their staffs and then a separate procedure for concealed handgun license holders. The general public has to get scanned at the entrances. State officials and gun toting citizenry do not.
"If you're planning on perpetrating something in the state capitol, you should simply get a concealed handgun license and show your gun on the way in," said Peter Hamm, spokesman for the Washington-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. "It's just ludicrous."
Yes sir, all you have to do is go through that background check, spend all that money on the gun and the permit itself, and then you walk right into the Capitol...among God only knows how many armed citizens and law enforcement officials to stop you from going on your rampage. We know they think that everyone who carries a gun is a potential killer, of course, but they're carrying it to some, ah, ludicrous lengths here.