Saturday, May 22, 2010

Grey's Anatomy WTF, indeed...

I am vaguely familiar with the TV show Grey's Anatomy. And when I say "vaguely familiar," I mean that I am aware that it is a medical drama, and that's about it. I am just not a TV person so much, so I am sure you can imagine my surprise and befuddlement at so many people's obsession with it, as evidenced by Facebook statuses on both mine and Sabra's end:

grey's on holy crap. watching greys on hulu.
-- I'm so far out of the sequence on this now....
-- oh wow, I haven't cried so hard on a tv show in a while!
-- yeah, that was really intense huh? i was emotionally drained after that episode!
My heart didn't stop pounding for hours!!!
--why do I feel like I'm still recovering from Greys lasy night?
--Cause it was so intense!

ok-what the heck happened on grey's? I haven't watched it in like 2 years, but after seeing at least 20 people post about it tonight-I am curious! LOL
missed the very end of grey's my recording stopped when richard was crossing the yellow tape. what did I miss?
jesus. how am i going to get to sleep tonight? oh grey's... mercy.
-- I got my tv to finally work. I need meds now... so much anxiety!!!!
-- jeeeezuuuus. i am UP. dammit.
-- Ok, maybe the meds need to be reduced?

Just finished Grey's on DVR. Good thing....I wouldn't have been able to sit through the commercials. Oooowweeee!!
--Ok you're the third to comment on I'm really jealous I couldn't watch it..gotta wait til next week to watch it online

ok so about 20 different people are posting about grey's. I have never watched the show but I'm curious to know what the buzz is all about.
Wow Gray's is intense tonight!
will not be all spoilery, but must say WHAT THE HECK, GREY'S ANATOMY?!?!?!?!

Just sitting here in front of the computer watching the statuses pop up from all you GREYS fans...LOL. I don't watch it, but obviously it is a great show! I feel like I'm missing out! :-(
-- I finally started watching about 10-15 mins ago because of all the comments on here! Now I'm wishing I hadn't! I don't like the way it's going at all!!!
-- GIRL, I MADE JIMMY TURN TO IT JUST TO FIND OUT what in the world is going on!!!!

As my wife said: "Please to shoot me in the face if I ever start obsessing about a television show. All these Grey's Anatomy statuses are getting to me."

What the fuck, people? I do not understand this at all. Why do people obsess over TV shows like this? It's one thing if they watch them, but the ones who don't? I am just sitting here going, "urk...urk..." trying to come up with some coherent response to this but FAILING miserably. Sabra and I were talking about this last night, and the best we could come up with was that this was a bunch of not-so-special people wanting to think they were a part of something special. Call it the flock mentality in action, I guess, but I am just not getting it. Sabra said in conversation earlier that it could very well be an effort to rebuild the communities we have lost over the last few years, albeit around interests rather than geographical location. That could be, and I guess it's more understandable in THAT context, but that still doesn't explain the people who weren't fans of the show to begin with...