Friday, May 21, 2010

It ought to be interesting... see what a certain segment of the population says to this:

The Arizona law makes it clear that there must first be a valid “lawful stop, detention or arrest” before any investigation of immigration status can begin. The valid “stop, detention or arrest” cannot involve immigration status; it has to be independent, based upon an “other law or ordinance.” These are quotations from the text of the law.
Who wrote this? George Will, Michelle Malkin or some other LYING right-wing pundit trying to cover for the blatant racism of the Arizona legislator who penned the controversial immigration law? Oh no. This op-ed piece was penned by a law professor at the University of Houston -- an educated man, one of the intellectual elites, even. And you know how the lefties among us (and certain so-called conservatives) claim we should defer to such elites because they know what's best. What happens when one of said elites shows said lefties' opinion to be based on little more than knee-jerk ideology completely bereft of any grounding in fact? I can't WAIT to see their gnashing of teeth here.