Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No shield from the consequences. None.

I agree with a lot of what Kathleen McKinley posts at her blog on the Houston Chronicle website, but I think she's flatly wrong here. To wit: Dim-witted L.A. mayor proposes boycott of Arizona. Member of Arizona commission that oversees Arizona electricity and water utilities writes letter to L.A. mayor saying, all righty then, how 'bout we renegotiate those power contracts by which your city gets 25 percent of its power from Arizona plants? McKinley says:

We can't have this back and forth when real people's way of life is at stake.
To which I say:

The hell we can't. Let these "real people" be affected and see how they like it. That boycotting shit goes both ways. I'm sure there are a lot of people in L.A. going "YEAH!" to their mayor's proposed boycott, but let's see how they like it when the consequences of this boycott they support come back to bite them in the ass as they stew in their own juices. Let those "hardworking people there who have nothing to do with Mayor Villaraigosa's silly boycott" speak for themselves, hopefully as they march on City Hall demanding he dispense with such tomfoolery at once. It's WAY past time to stop playing nice with these assholes. I certainly hope that commission follows through. It'd be fun to see what happens.