Sunday, May 16, 2010

The chickens spawned by another well-meaning modern liberal policy...

...are coming home to roost:

Demographers have long projected dramatic population changes for Texas, and the state's leaders have acknowledged the economic, social and political impact they will have — but hardly ever in the present tense. Now, they must confront the realization that the state is not adequately funding the education of a growing population (Hispanic -- ed.) that is generally poorer and less proficient in English.
Less proficient in English. You know why they're less proficient in English? Because of said well-meaning liberals insisting that they don't need to learn it, even though bilingual education has been proven to be at best woefully inadequate (and at worst a resounding failure) when it comes to teaching non-native English speakers. I was talking with Sabra about this, and she told me that students educated this way are much more likely to drop out, and that the ones who don't score a lot lower on standardized tests. As she put it, "...these touchy-feely liberal dolts are basically creating an underclass in the name of cultural sensitivity."

Because, of course, you can't have these immigrants learn the language of their adopted country. That would be RACIST! And IMPERIALIST! Never mind those pesky facts!