Saturday, May 08, 2010

Say what, now?

Really, what does one say to things like this?

If the U.S. can send a man to the moon, why can't we develop safe, renewable energy? It's because the big corporations don't want us to. That must change.
...other than, "the stupid, it burns! Get it away!"

Nooo, of course the big corporations don't want us to develop safe, renewable energy, because everybody knows spills like what happened in the Gulf of Mexico are such GREAT public relations for companies like BP, aren't they? Energy companies could NEVER have a vested interest in developing safe, renewable sources for ENERGY, could they? It could NEVER be a boon for research and development, could it? And Lord knows the energy companies could NEVER make nearly enough money off safe, renewable energy sources, even though it'd guarantee survival for years to come. Oh, neeever...

Or was she saying "the big corporations don't want us to" develop alternative energy sources because they're already investing in it?