Friday, February 06, 2009

A tune just as relevant now... it was 27 years ago, at Outlaw Country, Sirius Ch. 63: "Are we rollin' downhill like a snowball headed for hell, with no kinda chance for the flag, or the Liberty Bell...I wish a Ford and a Chevy, would still last ten years like they the best of the free life behind us now, and are the good times really over for good?"
The irony, though, is that with Merle Haggard's political bent, he very well probably thinks things took a turn for the better last Election Day and that "the best of the free life is still yet to come." For all I know he probably thought Obama was the lesser of two evils just as many conservatives thought that of John McCain, but no matter what he thinks all my Haggard cds are still intact and will stay that way.
On a slightly different note though, I got a kick out of "At Last "singer Etta James' remarks re: Beyonce Knowles and Barack Obama. I sure as hell didn't agree that Beyonce singing and the Obamas dancing was a "beautiful moment in history," though. On the contrary, I was pretty disgusted by it all. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know...first black president and all that...but I thought Americans were better than to elevate elected officials to almost literal rock-star status. I remember being quite revolted by the televised spectacle on January 20 and wondering how many others were feeling the same way. And yeah, I'd have been feeling the same had it been Sarah and Todd Palin, too.