Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One-a my favorite tunes off that "Purple" cd

...from Cross Canadian Ragweed, at Outlaw Country, Sirius Ch. 63: "Yeah she begged me not to do it, said her runnin' days are through...I said 'I forgive you,' as the bullet casings flew, satisfaction, it locomotived through my brain...now the walls of Huntsville keep me under lock and chain..."
That whole cd was great, really. I picked it up the week before Hurricane Rita hit in 2005 and it remains even now among the most-listened-to cds in my collection. Not so much traditional country as roadhouse rock, and the guys would probably tell you as much too, but if we're going to have ourselves several different flavors of what we call "country" music, I'd say this stuff retains a lot more of that heart and soul so prevalent in country music as it should be than an act like, say, Rascal Flatts. Even if they ARE from the wrong side of the Red River. ;-)