Wednesday, February 04, 2009

And here we are with more blaming the inanimate objects... today's Chronicle:

it is precisely the guns illicitly being introduced into Mexico from the U.S. that fuel the violence and provide the firepower being used by drug traffickers to kill and intimidate.

Maybe the drug traffickers do use guns illegitimately procured from the United States, but it's worth asking how they get them back across the border, and furthermore, where they get the funds to procure them. It seems that too few people on either side want to talk about either of those two issues, and that the ones who do broach the topic are media pundits and bloggers as opposed to government officials; the government officials, especially the ones south of the Rio Grande always make it about teh eeevil guns. I have a feeling more government officials on this side of the river are going to start making it about the guns as well, as opposed to the sieve-like U.S.-Mexico border and the obscene profits engendered by the black market for illegal drugs. More of that "change we can believe in," I guess. Why is it that no one wants to talk about making the difficult choices? Why must we always go after the low-hanging fruit? And where exactly will this road take us? Nowhere our Founding Fathers would approve of, that's for sure.