Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the classics just keep rollin'... Willie's Place, Sirius Ch. 64: "...couldn't driiiink enough to keep you, off my the bottle, let me down..."
Another timeless record, from the great Merle Haggard, one of his first hits, from 1966. I've always thought the Hag was another one of those artists from that era who could do no wrong whatsoever musically. The consistency and quality of his writing from the start was just absolutely staggering, right on up through the '90s. Personally I could attribute it to nothing less than divine intervention. Merle Haggard was one of those artists I only discovered later, when I moved from my hometown and found stations that spun all those records that country radio seemed to have forgotten about in the wake of Garth Brooks. There really was no turning back after that, especially after I got the Down Every Road boxed set for Christmas in '99. To this day that music hasn't lost its shine. Both that set and George Strait's Strait Out of the Box would definitely be on the desert island list.