Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Who's Making It An Adversarial Relationship Here?

It's bad enough when the antis prop up straw men. We don't need to be doing it too.

I do think we need to dispense with the term “Fudd,” and drop the generally adversarial relationship we often promote with the hunting community. We need hunters, for a lot of reasons. I’m a proponent of getting them more on board with the gun rights thing, and it’s hard to do that if they see us insulting them, and denigrating their sport.
I would think all the handgun/EBR folks were and are proponents of getting the hunters on board with the gun rights thing, but that's not the straw man I speak of. Maybe it's just me, but I have never once seen one of us insulting hunters as a whole or denigrating their sport. The only people I've seen denigrated as far as the hunters go are the people the term Fudd describes -- people like Charlie Meyers, David Petzal and the man Jim Zumbo was before President's Day weekend last year. Hell, I'd be willing to bet that at LEAST 90 percent of the people I've shot with at my friendly local gun club have hunted at one time or another or still hunt. If anyone's making it an adversarial relationship, it's all the 3-week-a-year hunting types such as the one Thirdpower describes here, who are perfectly willing to throw other shooters under the bus for the sake of protecting their sport. And while we'd do well to make it clear that those kinds of gun owners are who we're calling out, we need to point out to the rest of them that their intermediate sniper rifles are next on the gun-grabbers' list. (God, but I feel so dirty now.)
As for the round the VPC is hyperventilating over, the .338 Lapua, if I am reading this right, it has a point-blank range of about 300 yards -- not much longer than that of the classic .30-06. Also, from what I remember reading, there was an Army shooter over in Iraq who took out an insurgent from 1,200 yards -- more than four times the .30-06's point-blank range -- with the .30-06's little brother, the .308.
Still, though, we have tripe like this:
I believe the NYSPRA presents an intractable absolutist stance on too many issues on which the public at large has reached an opposite consensus, and cries wolf on molehill issues. For instance, I am willing to live with magazine restrictions if it preserves the larger right. That doesn’t win me many friends at the range.

And unfortunately, because of my principled stance I am viewed by most people inside the gun lobby as an enemy or naif instead of a moderate ally.

Principled stance. Moderate ally. (Not to mention, no small amount of sanctimoniousness.) But, no, according to some people, it's the SHOOTERS who are making the relationship an adversarial one. (Here's a hint, to one and all -- if anything hunters or any other group supports includes a BAN of any kind, then no, they're not an ally, not even a moderate one, and they nigh well deserve to be called out as the selfish motherfuckers they are.) Sweet bleedin' Jeebus on a rocket-powered sled, it's enough to drive a man to drinkin' if he doesn't already.