Thursday, February 07, 2008

More Observations On The Great Divide

Sebastian had this to say, in comments here:

You and I might know that we don't mean to denigrate hunters with terminology like "Fudd", but someone just coming into the issue will have no idea.

To an extent I think that's true, but I can say from personal experience that might not be as big of a problem as one might think at first blush. I remember when I first got into guns and started studying the issue I saw the term and didn't have any issues with it. I knew intuitively who it was referring to, even though I had no idea how deep the division might have been. But I am willing to admit I might have a different perspective, considering my political views and the fact that I was raised in a state that is widely viewed as one of the most gun-friendly states in the nation despite such things as the prohibition on open carry and the various restrictions on where CHL holders may carry their weapons. I can see where it might be a problem with new gunnies who are from places where the gun culture isn't so healthy, but either way the animosity is still going to be there. We all know that, of course; that was just an observation more than anything else on my part. I remember as Jim Zumbo was taken down, one of the guys at Cold Fury made the point that "it's the Second Amendment for a can't get any more political than guns." What I took that as, was saying that owning a gun is in and of itself a political act, probably more so now than it used to be. It makes all the sense in the world, and those just entering the wonderful world of firearms owe it to themselves to get educated regarding the act of owning a firearm and all its concomitant issues and ramifications. And that includes the term Fudd and everything it means.
And on that note, I'm sorry if I came off as an ass in the last post, Sebastian. You're a good guy and I know you and I are on the same side. Just call this a case of honest disagreement. Or even Reasoned Discourse(tm)...

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