Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Morning Media Snippets

I thought it might be interesting to see what was on the op-ed pages of today's Houston Chronicle vis-a-vis the shooting in Illinois this week. Let's just say I was not disappointed.

How many more horror-filled shooting rampages will have to occur in our country before Americans come to their senses and demand strict gun-control laws comparable to those in place in virtually every other civilized nation on the planet?

You mean comparable to the ones they have in Illinois -- you know, where that crazy piece of shit went on that rampage? From what I've heard about Illinois firearm laws, the requirements and process for getting a Firearm Owner ID card there -- which you have to have to even get ammunition -- are more or less equivalent to the requirements and process for getting a license to carry everywhere else -- background check and all that good stuff. It should also be noted that said crazy piece of shit jumped through every single one of those flaming hoops to get his tools. And I've also heard that if you have a single round of even .22LR in your possession and you don't have a FOID, that makes you a felon as per Illinois laws -- which means, of course, that you can say bye-bye to your rights. And of course, Illinois is one of only two states where law-abiding subjects -- no, they ain't true citizens -- cannot legally carry a personal defensive arm under any circumstances. And all of this, of course, is on top of the 20,000 federal gun laws on the books now. As for those other civilized nations...well, let me just say, from everything I've heard about jolly olde England *hawk-spit* these days, it ain't exactly civilized. Hell, it's like Kevin Baker said, it's a damn island and guns STILL come in. So I say, ever so hopefully, that Americans will demand those laws right about the time that mules sprout wings and fly. And even if that day comes, there's still only one thing that needs to be said by true lovers of liberty...
Molon Labe.

The shooting at Northern Illinois University was very tragic, as were all the others, beginning with Columbine. These assaults will continue as long as the media continues to dramatize and glamorize these events. This is the only chance these sick attackers have at fame and glory.

When does freedom of the press begin to infringe on people's rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Bwaaaahaha, you naive FOOL! Don't you know that responsibility is only something that only those who exercise their SECOND Amendment rights should exercise? And that this is, of course, defined as licensing, registration and all those other nanny-state reindeer games? The First Amendment protects the right to say whatever we want and by calling the wisdom of actually saying whatever we want into question, well, bubba, you just don't understand the First Amendment at all, do you?