Monday, February 04, 2008

Food for thought...

in the comments to a post over at David's place...
I don't know if Suzanne Grimes doesn't love her son, as straightarrow said, but I do think he was dead-on when he said this:

Imagine your daughter was raped, would you demand a law that she and all other young women go out in the world naked and unarmed?

That is what this woman did.

Yup. Ms. Grimes, whether she realizes it, is allowing herself to be used as a tool of the anti-liberty forces in this country and as such should be dealt with harshly -- and better with words now than copper-jacketed lead (at 2500 feet per second) later. We've been trying to make nice with the gun-grabbers for at least four decades now, and while we have things to show for our efforts, they're still here making the same old long-discredited arguments they've been making since time immemorial. This whole "honest disagreement" bullshite left the train station a long, long time ago. It's long past time to call these people out for exactly what they're doing -- enabling more slaughters on all fronts, whether they be on the level of the Petit home invasion in Connecticut or not-so-good-old-fashioned government tyranny by jack-booted thugs. And that last thing is scary to a lot of people, but I saw a pithy statement somewhere that summed up the whole shebang better than anything.
"If you fuck with me bad enough, I will shoot you."
It ain't pretty, but sometimes life's that way.