Sunday, February 03, 2008

Interesting news on the gun front this Sunday morning...

from Utah gun dealer Larry Correia, making the rounds at the SHOT show...

Vltor is making a Bren 10.
I see this and think, "Bren Ten? As in the very first pistol chambered for my beloved 10mm cartridge?" So off I went, and teh Google-fu was strong this morning, as it yielded this, via the Calguns forum:
"Tucson, AZ - Feb 01, 2008 - Vltor Weapon Systems today announced the launch of the Fortis Pistol Project, a modern version of the famous Bren Ten style pistol.
Originally released in 1982, the Bren Ten pistol was designed to advance the state of the art in handgun technology. Designed to fill the need for a full size, full power, double action pistol, the Bren Ten created immense interest as a potent choice for law enforcement and military use.
Developed as a pistol and cartridge combination, the Bren Ten was the first production pistol to chamber the powerful 10mm Auto cartridge. In its original loading, the 10mm Auto was capable of launching a 170gr buller at 1,300 fps - generating over 600ft/lb of muzzle energy.
Unfortunately, the original Bren Ten and its successor fell victim to business management and financial problems - but the demand for a high quality American made, full size, double action pistol has still not been filled.

According to Eric Kincel, the General Manager for Vltor, the Bren Ten may have truly been a design that was ahead of its time; "Now is the time to make this pistol. With today's precision manufacturing techniques and the superior materials available, the Fortis will be a pistol line that is everything people hoped previous attempts would be."
Eric pointed out that the Fortis is nearly identical to the original Bren Ten in exterior appearance and ergonomics, but that some changes have been made to improve reliability, safety and strength. "The Fortis, while based on a twwnty-five year old idea, is very unique. It offers a high tech, high quality pistol that more than fills the demands for a full size, magnum power auto loader."

The first released Fortis will be a "duty gun", a full size, all steel, high capacity 10mm Auto that will reliably answer the call of professionals and sportsmen that rely on a good pistol. However, Eric is quick to point out that the Fortis Project is a line of pistols based on one common design. "There will be other versions of the Fortis...different calibers, sizes and options specific to certain applications." When asked if they intend on releasing a faithful reproduction of the original Bren Ten, Eric's answer was simply "We sure want to".

Fortis Pistol Proposed Specifications (subject to change in final production)

Manufacturer - Vltor Weapon Systems
Model - Fortis (original release)
Type - autoloading pistol
Operation - Semi-automatic, Double/single action
Caliber - 10mm Auto (others to follow)
Barrel length - 5.00"
Overall length - 8.75"
Height - 5.75"
Width - 1.30"
Weight - 38 ounces
Safety - reversible thumb and firing pin block
Sight radius - 6.88"
Sights - Adjustable, 3-Dot combat style
Rifling - 5 Groove, radiused, RH twist
Stocks - Engraved polymer panels
Capacity - 12 rounds
Finish - Black Steel Slide and Subdued Finish Stainless Frame"
Gonna be keeping a sharp eye out on this one. From everything I've heard about the Bren it was a hell of a gun, just with not-so-good quality control; since the demise of it and the S&W 10xx series there hasn't been much of a choice for the 10mm enthusiast at least as far as non-1911 platforms go, beyond Glock and EAA. I had been considering the EAA Witness for a while, but honestly I'd be afraid of getting a lemon -- and from everything I've heard about EAA, its customer service is nonexistent. And as far as 1911s go, both Kimber and Dan Wesson will set one back at least $850 for one of their 1911s NIB, though in my experience they've both been worth the price. I don't know if the Fortis will be any cheaper than that, as I don't know anything about them, but in any event the pistol sounds VERY appealing. Kurt Hofmann, if you want an affordable 10mm that isn't a Glock, this might be your chance, buddy...

Ooooh, my favorite Reba tune! "If I siiink any more, I'll go under, if I cry anymore, I'll go blind...oh, there ain't no relief, for this missin' you grief, how looong can you torture my mind...How bluuuuue, can you make looooong, till I heal..."

UPDATE: Bloody hell, I'm gonna go even more broke...I heard the Colt Delta Elite was also re-introduced at SHOT...