Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random Sunday Morning Gun Musings

So I ask 45superman to tell us about his 1911 in the comments to this post, and he says...
"Which 1911?"
Good answer, my friend, good answer. ;-) One will certainly do, but you just don't know true gun-nut nirvana until you have at least two. I've heard good things about the Paras but don't have any in my safe as of yet. Gonna need at least one more 10mm 1911 in the safe before that, maybe another Dan Wesson Razorback...the RZ I picked up in October was my fifth 1911, and I also have two parkerized Springfield 1911s, a GI and a Loaded, and two Kimbers, a Tactical Ultra II with a 3" barrel and a 10mm Stainless Target II. And all this gun talk reminds me, I have a box of Blazer 230-grain ball, and it's a sunny late-winter day here on the Texas Gulf Coast...yes, it's a good day.