Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I know well that there's no accounting for taste...

and pardon my french, but, well, my gut reaction upon reading this was, the commenters at Hot Air are just fucking stupid..

Willie was always a fraud to me anyway. A hollywood discovery, he went from a C level artist to a legend in about 5 years all based on hollywood loving him.

for one thing I’ve never been impressed with Willie, he’s a hack that can’t sing

Sorry but crazy-willy’s music has always sucked… He’s been hyped more than the freakin’ Stones. Julio and Willie? check please… On the road again, *audible Yawn*.

He was Waylon’s wierd friend until hollywood “discovered” him in about 1974. Canned music, that’s all he is.

Bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I am one of the LAST people on earth who'd agree with Willie Nelson's politics, but to say that Willie became a star because of Hollywood, that he's a hack and that he can't sing is just stupid. "Georgia On My Mind," anyone? Anyone? "Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain?" I wonder how many of those mouth-breathing morons were saying Willie was a genius after he did he did "Beer For My Horses" with Toby Keith a few years ago. As far as I'm concerned that was as big of a blot on Willie's musical record as the duet with Julio Iglesias...for the singer, not the song. And something else I wonder, does the fact that I won't be tossing my Willie cds make me a commie heathen?