Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yeah, this really what the Keller thing boils down to...

...and it's a low-down dirty shame that seems to be forgotten:

The facts are that Michael Wayne Richard raped and murdered Marguerite Dixon.
He was given a fair trial and 10 years' worth of appeals. It is undisputed that his latest appeal would have changed nothing, even if his lawyers had filed it in a timely manner.
The real injustice in this case is that the criminal justice system in Texas has been unfairly ridiculed at the hands of a few zealous death penalty opponents who either intentionally or through negligence failed to file a timely appeal.
Funny, in all the media's wailing and gnashing of teeth, no one ever talked about what Richard actually did or how many times he'd been able to appeal his sentence...versus how many times Marguerite Dixon got to appeal Richard's actions.