Monday, October 11, 2010

More evidence of the Express-News' plot... make liberals look ignorant and/or stupid:

Talk radio has become hate radio, spewing vituperation and ugliness. Local hate is handled by KTSA; national talk by WOAI. They should change their call letters to HATE.
What about talk show hosts? No blacks, women, Hispanics, moderates or liberals need apply...
 No blacks, women, etc.? So Larry Elder and Walter Williams aren't black and Laura Ingraham isn't a woman? I'm sure there are those who would make that argument. At any rate, though, if you read the rest of this piece you will see Bob Richmond offer little if anything more to back up his opinion than "because I said so." That is quite unbecoming of an English professor, if you ask me. Were I in any way involved with Palo Alto College I would be quite embarrassed.

As for liberal talk radio, I'm sure most of you remember the bucket o' FAIL that was Air America, no? Liberal talkers have been failures for so long and it's gotten so completely under their skin that they have resorted to doing things like advocating the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine because they can't make it on their own merits. And I'm sure Mr. Richmond probably thinks racial hatred is a big part of conservative talk radio; it's worth asking, though -- if that is the case -- how folks like Rush Limbaugh and Kevin Wall make it in San Antonio, considering Latinos make up some 60-plus percent of the city's population.

Way to go, Express-News editorial page editor. Please keep exposing modern liberalism as the intellectually bankrupt philosophy it is.