Saturday, October 02, 2010

Well, I don't know about that...

A commenter to this story:

It would really be fun to set these clowns up. If the State of Texas would issue thug tags on our licenses we could get this situation cleaned up without the government's help
I don't know that it'd be such a good idea to go hunting drug smugglers, but loading your boat down with as much armament as you could carry in case you ran into them like this guy did wouldn't be such a bad idea, Mexican laws be damned. With the smugglers being so brazen as to fire into United States territory, I think Americans boating on border waters ought to get a pass for that. Of course I'm sure if those who do that got caught by the Mexican authorities they'd suffer the same fate as former Vidor gun dealer Tom Bean, who was stripped of his Second Amendment rights for forgetting to take a box of ammunition out of the back of his truck when he crossed the Mexican border one night. And their supposed "representatives" in Washington wouldn't do a damn thing to help them either.