Saturday, October 30, 2010

It IS consolation...

...albeit just a little bit, to know that if the food supply and distribution network ever got seriously disrupted, Josh Briggs of the Covington News and those like him would be among the first to starve. Maybe in some alternate universe I'd worry about deer hunting humans, but I'd prefer to live in the real world where humans are at the top of the food chain. "Taking a life should be done only out of necessity." Uh-huh. Well, it's sorta necessary for us to eat if we want to survive.

Yes, we eat meat. Chicken. Beef. Fish. Most of it is raised. Some of it (fish) is hunted. But let's stick to sport hunting for the sake of this argument.
"No, Sparky, you don't get to define the rules of the game. Dead animal is dead animal. If you're going to question how we get one kind of meat, you have to question how we get them ALL. If you question hunting, you have to question slaughterhouses, fish farms and everything else. But you like meat so you're not gonna do that, are you? Chickenshit."