Thursday, October 21, 2010

I thought soldiers were smarter...

...than this:

Army Spec. William Gilbert, a frequent customer at Guns Galore, testified that he was in the store when Hasan first visited. When he pressed Hasan on why he was interested in the lightweight, easy-to-shoot semiautomatic pistol, he didn't get a straight answer.

“He said he wanted the most technologically advanced weapon on the market and the one with the highest magazine capacity,” Gilbert recalled.
Most technologically advanced weapon on the market. So he bought what is more or less a hot-rod .22. What a dumbass. Really, is the Glock 19 or Beretta M9 THAT much more "technologically advanced" than, say, a Remington-Rand 1911 from World War II? Don't they all use exactly the same basic principles? Firing pin hitting primer that ignites gunpowder which produces hot gases that propel small lead-and-copper projectile down barrel at a high rate of speed?

But remember, guys: Only the police and military should have guns because they know so much more about them than us mere civilians!